Our Purpose

Working together to deliver better buildings, homes and communities.

CPC is a partnership designed to offer each organisation’s current and potential new members an unrivalled range of procurement solutions. Through CPC, Northern Housing Consortium’s clients will be able to access LHC’s suite of frameworks.

LHC has regional offices in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Exeter, London and Leeds. Whilst LHC provides the products (frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems) for CPC, Northern England is managed and run by a local team who ensure that the product offering is relevant for the region. CPC was launched in 2019 as a distinct brand from LHC.

LHC and Northern Housing Consortium have a long history of working together based on a shared purpose, values, and complimentary skill sets.

Both organisations have a passion to improve homes and communities through excellent collaborative procurement to deliver benefits to all our clients, however each partner has developed their own specific areas of expertise in this pursuit.

Northern Housing Consortium, through Consortium Procurement, have focused on tenant services and compliance solutions designed to protect residents and property. LHC’s focus is on the fabric of the property as well as new build using modern methods of construction and retrofitting of existing buildings with energy efficiency measures and whole house refurbishments to improve building quality standards.

Our Values

How we operate at CPC is shaped by our purpose and values.

Our values, upholding excellence through:
-- Integrity, Respect, Trust and Transparency
-- Knowledge and Professional Experience
-- Being Flexible, Adaptable and Creative
-- Employing, developing and maintaining committed teams of happy and healthy employees

Top 5 reasons to choose CPC


Committed to better buildings and homes

We are dedicated in helping our clients deliver better quality building which are greener for the environment and enhance the quality of life for people living and working in our local communities.



We at CPC believe in taking the complication out of procurement, all our frameworks are free to access and easy to use.


Value for money

Our frameworks offer access to a range of approved companies, each one having met rigorous selection criteria regarding the quality of their work and how competitive their prices are.


Social value

Driving real and meaningful social value is at the heart of what CPC do, we proactively engage with all our stakeholders to consider how collaborative procurement can help to deliver positive outcomes for our local communities across the North of England.


Fast and efficient procurement

Once CPC Appointed Companies have been established for a framework, the process of calling-off projects and commissioning work is very efficient. Terms and rates have been agreed and even when a mini competition is required, the majority of contractual arrangements have already been finalised. Project work can then start quickly.

Community benefit funds

Members in each region have the opportunity to create and distribute a Community Benefit Fund. The fund is generated from the rebate members receive if they spend over a specified threshold on CPC frameworks.

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Working at CPC

Interested in joining the team? The people at CPC all share something in common. Incredible talent and drive. CPC's purpose is to deliver better buildings and homes that enhance local communities. We do this by hiring the best talent and by encouraging innovation.


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Working together with our Partners

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