Members rebate generates a community benefit fund

Consortium Procurement Construction (CPC) is a partnership between LHC and Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) designed to offer each organisation’s current and potential new members an unrivalled range of procurement solutions. Through CPC, Northern Housing Consortium’s clients will be able to access LHC’s suite of frameworks.

As a non-profit organisation, we return a surplus (dependant upon CPC generating a surplus) to our clients contracting authorities, to support social value initiatives to support our local communities in the North of England.

We’re seeking applications from all Local Authorities, Social Landlords, ALMO’s and Tenant Management Organisations to nominate one of their housing schemes to have energy efficient surveys carried out between January and March 2022. 

CPC’s community benefit fund will arrange this free energy efficiency stock condition survey to be carried out by one of our suppliers (GEP Environmental) on a scheme of your choice that will help you identify the energy efficiency measures required on the buildings/households to bring it up to meet current government decarbonisation targets.

Community benefit in numbers

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CPC Community Benefit Fund goes from strength to strength

The CPC Community Benefit Fund has been put in place for the community groups across the North of England & The Midlands. Each year, we set a % of our income to give towards community projects. When deciding a new project, we aim to target broad areas of need, from skills training to providing facilities to young people in deprived areas. For 2020, we chose the Green Homes Grant.

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