Introduction to the MDC1 Framework

This framework has been developed to provide an efficient, value for money procurement route for local authorities, registered social landlords, councils, boards, trusts, and other public sector bodies seeking a comprehensive range of high-quality consultancy services across multiple disciplines.

Suitable for public sector refurbishment and new build projects of all sizes, it will enable organisations to access pre-approved suppliers to achieve a compliant asset management regime across a range of buildings including:

  • Publicly funded schools, universities and colleges
  • NHS healthcare buildings
  • Fire, ambulance and police stations
  • Public offices
  • Community buildings
  • Residential properties (when part of a mixed-use development)
  • Student accommodation
  • Commercial to residential conversions
  • Other public buildings

Procurement guide - PDF


Workstream 1


Workstream 2

Building Services Engineers

Workstream 3

Building Surveyors

Workstream 4

Clerk of Works

Workstream 5

Quantity Surveyors

Workstream 6

Employers Agents

Workstream 7

Planning Consultants

Workstream 8

Principal Designers

Workstream 9

Project Managers

Workstream 10

Structural Engineers

Workstream 11

Civil Engineers

Workstream 12

Multi-discipline Services (covers all workstreams)

CPC Lifetime Values

In addition to providing our clients with competitively tendered Framework Agreements for building works, goods, and services CPC is committed to delivering tangible social value and community benefits in meeting local and regional needs. CPC work with our clients and appointed companies to ensure that wherever possible projects delivered using our Frameworks leave a social legacy.

CPC has aligned its activities to create the CPC Lifetime Values, which uses the 4 key value capitals as identified in the value toolkit by the Construction Innovation Hub.

During the life of the Framework, CPC will work with clients and appointed companies to promote, identify, implement, and monitor the impact of these value categories, which could be supported by social value and community benefit initiatives alongside the delivery of the works or service contracts in meeting local and regional needs.

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This framework is valid until 10th January 2028

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