Are you preparing to be awarded the SHDF? If so, what next?

Housing associations and local authorities are faced with large-scale retrofit projects to meet the proposed net zero targets by 2050.


All public sector organisations who applied for the social housing decarbonisation scheme will find out if they have been awarded the grant between the end of February and the start of March 2023. The website states that grant funding agreements must be signed with successful lead applicants and projects starting in March.


How can housing associations prepare for the large-scale retrofit projects for when the grant is awarded?


It is essential to start planning early to ensure the best outcome for your retrofit projects. 


Step one- preparing residents: Make residents aware of the need to decarbonise homes and the intention of future retrofit plans around the area. Landlords must have a clear plan for how they will effectively engage residents. For example, they may need to enter a property to assess and gain more information on what work is required, disrupting the resident’s daily routine.


Step two – analysing stock: Understand what you need to work towards by analysing your stock. A starting point is looking at existing information, such as energy bills or what construction projects were previously carried out. Next, consider what type of assessment needs to be carried out to understand the homes/buildings that will require retrofit work.


Step three - procurement path: You need to contemplate the scale of the project and the most efficient way of carrying this out on time. Seeking expert knowledge and help can go a long way in achieving retrofit projects that will be less disruptive and ensure costs are managed efficiently. At CPC, we have a team of skilled professionals who can assist in all aspects of your journey.


Step four – implementation: Having the right procurement team on board will give you expert knowledge you need throughout the retrofit process. At CPC, our team can evaluate your budget and propose appointed companies behind our frameworks which have been assessed. You will also have a dedicated Technical Support Manager to address any issues you have whilst the work is carried out, plus more.


If you have questions about how CPC can help you achieve your retrofit project and to understand our frameworks better, contact our Client Support Managers.


You can also check out our N8 and N8C frameworks for more information on what we offer.

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