Choosing the right type of material for your doors and windows

Windows and doors play a big part in the look of a building, and due to their continuous use, they need to be fit for purpose. It is therefore essential to consider the quality of material used to produce these windows and doors because this will impact how long they can last and reduce the amount of upkeep required.

An example of the things to consider is the placement of doors or windows. An exterior door must be more robust, durable, and strong enough to provide security. In contrast, a communal interior door may need to be more aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and provide insulation. The price of materials can also impact your decision process.

We will look at the difference between PVC-U, Timber and Aluminium Clad Timber windows and door frames to help you consider what you need when planning for any public sector or social housing refurbishment or construction project.



PVC-U stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride un-plasticised and has been used since the sixties. It has become a prevalent choice for many because it is affordable. It also offers resistance to the weather. For example, the material is an excellent insulator and does not alter when in heat or wet weather. In addition, it is low maintenance whilst also being eco-friendly with the ability to recycle it (ten cycles), which adheres to the government's net-zero strategy.

PVC-U windows and frames provide a modern look and can come in different colours. This is a great long-term exterior window and door option.



Timber is another environmentally sustainable option and is considered one of the best materials to reduce the carbon footprint. Wood easily enables the absorption of carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, it is a robust material suitable for all weathers whilst also providing great insulation.

Timber provides a more traditional and contemporary look giving it character. 


Aluminium Clad Timber

This material comprises a timber frame product engineered with aluminium weather covering to give exceptional longevity in service. It also benefits from great insulation and doesn't require much to maintain.

It has an appealing appearance of aluminium on the exterior and timber on the inside.

Although more expensive as a capital cost, the asset's lifetime cost can be better than other options.


How do I make the right choice?

Door and window frames may seem like a simple choice when considering your refurbishment or construction project; however, deciding what material is best for your design and ensuring you have suitable suppliers at the correct cost can be more difficult. With energy efficiency becoming more prevalent and a growing area of concern, the thermal transmittance (U-value) aspect of the whole assembled product and its design should also be considered. Getting advice from the experts from the start can make this process much more manageable. Contact our team to help you get started.


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