Replacing Aluminium Windows - Melton Borough Council

Overview of the Project:

Melton Borough Council (MBC) committed to replacing all aluminium windows in their residential housing stock by 2024, including doors if required at survey. To achieve this, they used CPC’s Windows and Doors (WD2) Framework. The supplier chosen to complete the works was Astraseal. The objective of the project was to provide more energy-efficient windows and doors for residents, reducing energy bills and increasing overall comfort.



The project encountered some challenges during the project timeline. Some residents initially refused replacement windows and doors. To address this, MBC liaised with the residents, explaining the benefits of replacements, including increased energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills. MBC also addressed cases where no access properties were encountered, working with Astraseal to contact the resident and arrange convenient survey dates and times.



CPC, MBC and Astraseal fostered a good working partnership throughout the project. Regular meetings were conducted to check on progress and budgets, and Astraseal was praised for their communication, responding to emails promptly and efficiently. Handover photos were sent after each install, allowing MBC to keep copies for their records. Matthew GreenBusiness Development Manager also praised for his on-time monthly valuations, which were simple and easy to read, enabling swift and easy payments.

One of the biggest assets to CPC is our Technical Support Manager, Tony Maw who is involved in all project meetings. Tony offers to help with challenges faced from inception to completion during the life span of a clients project.

Tony facilitated effective communication between MBC and GHA Ltd by signing a confidentiality agreement to share rates and provided valuable advice to MBC on award criteria and social value. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, Tony attended the pre-start meeting virtually and worked closely with MBC on the contract, valuations, and forecasted spend, ultimately ensuring that the project was executed ethically and sustainably. His contribution was key to the successful collaboration between MBC and GHA Ltd, highlighting the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and a commitment to shared goals.

Due to all these components, the project was able to run smoothly.

Chris Flannery, Housing Asset Manager said:

“We worked with CPC to appoint Astraseal for our window and door replacement programme. CPC supported us through the procurement process and have offered help and guidance throughout the contract period. Since being appointed, Astraseal have helped us to deliver on our promise to replace all of the old aluminium windows that we are aware of by 2024. We made this promise to our tenants as the aluminium windows were difficult to repair and the cold frames made the level condensation and mould worse in their homes. Astraseal have helped us to achieve this aim with really high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the project.”



Although the project is ongoing, residents have already provided fantastic feedback on how the new windows and doors have made their homes warmer, reducing draughts and outside noise. The new composite doors and windows also have a modern aesthetic that enhances the appearance of the properties.



After each installation, MBC carried out a tenant satisfaction survey. Many tenants expressed satisfaction with the conduct, quality, workmanship, and adherence to timescales during the installation. Please see attached data sheet.



In summary, Melton Borough Council successfully used CPC’s Windows and Doors (WD1) Framework to procure the necessary works to replace all aluminium windows and doors in their residential housing stock by 2024. The project encountered some challenges, but through a collaborative approach with Astraseal, MBC was able to overcome these challenges to provide a more energy-efficient living environment for residents. The project was a success, with positive feedback from residents and a good working relationship between CPC, MBC and Astraseal.

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