£100million framework winners named for critical public sector safety and compliance work

Winning building maintenance and compliance consultancies and contractors have been named for a Britain-wide £100m framework designed to deliver building life safety and maintenance for the public sector.

47 companies have been awarded places on not-for-profit public sector construction framework provider Consortium Procurement Construction (CPC) Asset Safety and Compliance (ASC1) framework, which is now live.

ASC1 has been designed to offer a full suite of asset safety and compliance support to help public sector organisations meet government guidelines and legal responsibilities relating to building life safety and maintenance.

Its timely arrival follows the Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023, which became law in July and requires affordable housing providers to more closely address the needs of tenants and appoint a health and safety lead to monitor compliance.

Developed in direct response to discussions with housing associations, local authorities, schools, and healthcare organisations, ASC1 offers a diverse range of expertise including property protection and associated services; asbestos management; water testing, treatment, and management; heating, and air conditioning-related services; and electrical testing and relevant support.

Dean Fazackerley, LHC head of technical procurement, said: “We spent a long time engaging with the public sector to ensure ASC1 worked with their need for long-term compliance-related expertise and support in fulfilling asset and maintenance requirements.

“Throughout our pre-tender engagement process, our clients acknowledged the positive contribution our existing frameworks in property protection (V7), asbestos services (AS2) and water management (WM1) have made in delivering effective life safety systems in the management and maintenance of their assets, resulting in benefits for tenants.

“ASC1 is our response and combines these frameworks to enhance the services offered while also delivering two additional workstreams to cover a wide remit from gas safety, to heating systems, electrical inspection, testing and servicing, and more, for both commercial and residential settings.”

Dean Fazackerley added: “The range of high-quality manufacturers and contractors appointed to our ASC1 framework have been rigorously assessed to give public sector organisations confidence in the safety-critical and compliance expertise available.”

The ASC1 framework, which runs until 3rd September 2027 is worth up to £100 million in England, £20 million in Scotland and £15 million in Wales. There are five workstreams under ASC1, including:

  • Workstream 1 Asbestos Consultancy, Surveys and Removal
  • Workstream 2 Property Protection and Associated Services
  • Workstream 3 Water Testing, Treatment and Management
  • Workstream 4 Heating, and Air Conditioning Compliance, Servicing and Maintenance 
  • Workstream 5 Electrical Testing and Associated Services 
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