International Women’s Day at LHC

To mark International Women’s Day on Friday, 8th March 2024, LHC PG have highlighted some of the women within the organisation and the key roles they play in continuing to ensure that LHC PG remains an efficient, dynamic, and successful framework provider, with its main focus being employee wellbeing, equality and diversity, as well as improving lives and places through quality procurement solutions and contributing to public benefit.

It is with pride that LHC PG, along with the Regional Business Units throughout the UK, celebrate International Women’s Day and encourage unity within the diversity and equality we demonstrate. The number of employees is now approaching 70 - comprised of 57% female employees - with well over half of LHC PG’s employees comprising of women, it is only fitting we celebrate International Women’s Day as an organisation who has one of the most diverse ratios in the built environment sector.

Jennifer Castle, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at LHC Procurement Group (LHC PG)

"I am thrilled to play a significant role in shaping the future direction of LHC Procurement Group. In my six years with the organisation so far, I’ve continued to be inspired by the positive impact our frameworks have made in communities. I look forward to continuing to drive innovation and excellence in public sector procurement to ensure our clients and suppliers receive the highest level of service."

"It has been great to be a part of an organisation that prioritises equal opportunities and a diverse workforce, as reflected in its gender profile of 43% male and 57% female across all levels, including the Board, senior management, and regional teams.”

"International Women’s Day is indicative of a key theme that we all need to strive for professionally and personally, which is to see equality, diversity and just representation across the board for all.”

Poppy Stockport, Marketing and Communications Officer at South West Procurement Alliance (SWPA)

"My role at SWPA is incredibly varied and allows for me to take part in many different types of marketing activities on a daily basis, which keeps it exciting. Leading on Marketing within the SWPA team, allows me to work alongside our valued clients and appointed companies, showcasing the work and projects continuing to happen in the South West."

"The SWPA team are a great group of women to work with, and offer support, kindness, and impressive expertise, as well as creating a dynamic, efficient, and friendly team.”

"International Women’s Day is important to me as it highlights the need to encourage women of all ages in different fields and career paths, where these were once male dominated areas, women are now upping the numbers in construction and STEM subjects even more so and I believe this needs to continue!”

Penny Searson, Regional Manager at South West Procurement Alliance (SWPA)

"2024 marks my ten-year anniversary with LHCPG. I have progressed through the business, working exclusively in the South West since 2015 and was delighted to be formally appointed as SWPA’s Regional Manager in June 23. I am responsible for the day to day running of the South West Regional Business unit, ensuring our valued clients and appointed companies receive a high-quality service when using our procurement solutions and added value services.”

"I enjoy the fact that every day is different and working alongside an expert team of strong and dynamic women to deliver best value, regionally focussed procurement solutions to our public sector clients. I also really value the fact that LHCPG is a people centred organisation, who genuinely care for their staff. This really shone through when I became a parent in 2020 and I am so grateful to work in such a caring and supportive environment.”

“I’ve seen an incredible shift in our industry over the last decade and am so proud to see many more women in senior positions. I think it’s incredibly important to recognise the contributions of women in construction and to acknowledge the industry as a vastly improved career option for working parents of all genders.”

Sinead O’Donovan, HR Manager at LHC Procurement Group (LHC PG)

"I look after the people function within LHCPG.  It’s a varied and busy role and no day is the same.  I look after the full life cycle of employees alongside my team and this is everything from recruiting and onboarding, developing talent and new concepts to support our organisation, supporting line managers and all the way through to when employees leave the organisation.”

“I really enjoy the people… very cliché but I am very much a people person and we have some of the loveliest people working in our organisation.  I really value working alongside like-minded people, it feels as though we all have a common purpose in working at LHCPG and that helps me to do my job better.  I support not only the business, but my role is to make sure we have a workforce who is enjoying work, are productive and I enjoy working towards continually developing our employee value proposition – what do we give our employees that makes them stay with us!”

“I think international Women’s Day is really important because once upon a time there was a role for women and it was as primary caregiver and homemaking.  LHCPG is over 50% female and is the most flexible work place I have ever worked at.  For me I can thrive at work and be a Mother also.  The trust I receive and support in having a life outside of work is an immeasurable benefit for me and I think that’s why IWD is important - to share those stories about how we have been supported.  I’m really thankful for having this experience and hope that by sharing others can be inspired to know it’s out there and seek it too.”

Heather O'Donnell, Technical Support Manager at Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA)

"My role is extremely varied but the main areas are to provide technical support to not only my colleagues within SPA but also to our partners and appointed companies throughout Scotland. This can start from the very early stages of project inception through to completion. I also work closely with the central team, RBU’s, partners and the supply chain to ensure we provide framework solutions that can support the needs of the public sector through these challenging times."  

"Due to the number of framework solutions we have no two days are ever the same. Even throughout the day, the types of projects can be vastly different, from visiting a new build project to a kitchen and boiler upgrade programme, and then onto an EWI project. Then the following day being in the office carrying out research activities for upcoming frameworks to ensure we continue to support our Partners and appointed companies in this ever-changing climate. I enjoy the variety of projects, travelling to different sites and the interaction we have with our Partners and Appointed Companies"

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